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Medical Services Division

Easy to install and maintain future-proof architecture. It is also possible to develop or add onto existing system. Using best quality materials and design solutions, optimizing lights parameters in the room. Modular technology with storage cabinets and monitors built into the walls saves space and gives modern and prestigious look.

We do holistic approach to designing operating rooms and other hospital areas in order to support cleaning procedures and enhance hygiene and eliminating cable clutter, clash of technologies.


  • • Supply and installation of Steel & Wooden furniture for Hospital
  • • Mobile Furniture system
  • • High performance Fume cupboards
  • • Biology Safety Cabinets
  • • Laminar Flow Cabinets

Lab & Medical Specialities

Hospital, Laboratory, Educational & Pharmacy Furniture, Storage Solutions & Furnishing

Supply and installation of Steel & Wooden Laboratory Solutions for Hospital & Laboratory requirements. Mobile Furniture system, High performance Fume cupboards. Biology Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Cabinets

Medical Equipment & Audio Visuals

We provide a wide range of medical and audio-visual equipment which is conforming to the world class standards. Our ranges include :

# Equipments
1 Public Address systems
1 Meeting rooms
2 IP Digital Signage (Medical & Non-Medical)
3 Educational solutions
4 IP based Medical OR Solutions
5 Surgical Room Solutions
6 Supply of Medical Video Archiving Solutions
7 Supply of Medical Monitor HD & 4K.
7 Supply of Medical HD 3D & 4K Recorder.
7 Supply of Medical Color, Black & White Printers etc.

Department Highlight

Support & Analysis

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Technical consultation

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Measuring performance

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